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Ubuntu is an extension of Terralingua’s website, a special hub for our members and friends, where everybody can join in and have their voice.

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Joining hands to sustain biocultural diversity,
the true web of life

Terralingua Ubuntu: a space for Terralingua members and friends to come together as a community, connect, and work together to sustain the biocultural diversity of life. ¶ From the word ubuntu in the isiXhosa and isiZulu languages of South Africa: 1. humanity or personhood, achieved through interconnectedness with other people and community; 2. an African philosophy of humanism, grounded in the notion that human identity and dignity arise out of respect, concern, compassion, generosity, and reciprocity toward others--family, neighbors, ancestors, community, and the human race at large.

We created this space—as an extension of Terralingua’s site—as a special meeting place for all Terralingua members, friends, and supporters to come together.

Together, we form community, connect with one another, and realize the greater human potential that comes from working as one toward a goal that is much greater than ourselves: sustaining the biocultural diversity of life.

In the isiXhosa language of South Africa, there is a saying: A person is a person because of others (Umntu ngumntu ngabantu). The isiXhosa word ubuntu expresses that unique concept.

Terralingua expands the Ubuntu idea of humanness from "what makes us human in relation to other humans" to "what makes all of us human in relation to one another and to nature, of which we are a part".

It is our humanity in this larger sense that gives us a fundamental responsibility to protect and nurture the diversity of life in all its forms—the diversity that sustains us all.

In uniting our diverse voices, we join and strengthen the larger chorus of nature’s voices, which has evolved over millennia on our planet Earth.

It is our voices, in tune with the voices of nature, that will bring forth positive solutions for our rapidly changing world. Each one of our voices counts to make it happen!

Together, we are creating a new story, a new vision, a new path toward sustainability, toward unity in biocultural diversity. Together, we can do it!

Unity in Biocultural Diversity. Together we can!