Call For Abstracts, Volume 6, Issue 2
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Langscape Magazine Volume 6, Issue 1,  Summer 2017
"Through a Different Lens: The Art and Science of Biocultural Diversity"
Abstract Submission Deadline: January 30th, 2017
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In a recent issue of Langscape Magazine (Vol. 5.1, Summer 2016), Terralingua co-founder Dave Harmon argued that the idea of biocultural diversity has provided a way for people to talk to themselves and others about a “deeply felt but inchoate sense that there is a basic interconnectedness which defines existence”—an interconnectedness that former Terralingua Board member E. Annamalai has described as “the convergence of three streams of diversities into one mighty river”. Again in Dave Harmon’s words, the idea that Terralingua has championed is “a framework in which [people] can come to their own understandings about the significance of diversity in nature and culture.”

Biocultural Diversity: Reason, Ethics and Emotion

Over the past two decades of Terralingua’s existence, we have indeed seen those kinds of understandings emerge and spread and take multiple forms—in science, in policy, in activism, in work on the ground. But, at times, the idea of biocultural diversity can still remain somewhat hard to explain and visualize with immediacy, in an intuitive way. It can still feel abstract, aloof, failing to appeal to the emotional intelligence in us. That’s when looking at things “through a different lens” comes in!

  • As scientists, we may feel drawn to express our thoughts about the “mighty river” of biocultural diversity through art or literature or poetry, or at least with the aid of visual or other media that offer a more holistic, integrative understanding of the idea.
  • As artists or writers or poets, we may feel inspired by the idea and seek to use our expressive talents to convey its essence in a compelling sensory way.
  • As activists, policy makers, or practitioners, we may realize the power of art to make the point persuasively, beyond what science can achieve.
  • As Indigenous persons, in any of these capacities, we may feel that science and art are not separate, but part of the same biocultural circle of life.

If you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, we would like to hear from you! Tell us about (and show us!) your experience crossing—or indeed breaking down—the boundaries between science and art to represent and express biocultural ideas and feelings.

Contributions to Langscape may take different forms, either text-driven or artwork-driven—or, in this particular case, both:

  • Thought pieces for our "Ideas" section
  • Personal accounts, dialogues, stories, or poetry for "Reflections"
  • Reports from the field for "Dispatches"
  • Discussions of policy interventions or practical solutions for "Action"
  • Photo essays, video essays, or other visual art for "Louder Than Words"
  • Or surprise us with something different, and we'll have to create a new section for you!

Our deadline is not far away, so please send your abstract soon! See below for instructions on how to submit.


Luisa Maffi

Co-founder and Director, Terralingua
Editor, Langscape Magazine

Unity in Biocultural Diversity - Together We Can!


Submit no later than January 30, 2017, using the submission form accessed through the "Submit Here" link below.

Please submit two separate documents in Word .doc or .docx formats only:

  1. Abstract – your idea for a contribution to the theme above – in 1-2 paragraphs maximum
  2. Bionote – a 50-word-maximum statement about yourself and your work

After reviewing all abstracts received, we will let you know by February 1 whether we would like to invite you to submit a full contribution.

PLEASE NOTE: An invitation to submit a full contribution does not guarantee that your contribution will be accepted for publication. It means that we are interested in your idea and would like to see your full submission. Acceptance decisions are made after reviewing the full contributions.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that Langscape Magazine does not publish formal scientific or technical papers. We seek contributions that, while based on solid scholarship, express concepts in accessible language and in a literary rather than academic style. Tell a story!

Submissions Are Now Closed

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, you may wish to look at the most recent issue of Langscape Magazine, released in December 2016. Read the Editorial, Table of Contents, and the sample articles. (Copies of the full issue are available through our Market, or you may purchase a Subscription.)

If you are still unsure whether your contribution would fit with Terralingua’s perspectives and the approach of Langscape Magazine, we suggest that you review the following Resources: